Microsound School Intercom System

The SLSI system was designed particularly for the school environment and situations where call back facility is required with functions such as:

School Intercom Systems


  • Signal link two way communication
  • Master to Master dialling (Max 4 masters)
  • Master to Sub and PA dialling
  • Individual, Group and All call
  • Priority cancel on masters
  • Auto accept call back from subs
  • Digital call-back display
  • Change of period & Evacuation tones
  • Privacy on all masters


Operation Instruction:


Dial required intercom number on the master station keypad. When the call is through, audio will be heard, press the '*' button to talk and release to listen. Press the '#' to cancel call.

Call Back:  

A call back tone will be heard and than the audio will be heard at the master station. Press '*' to talk, release to listen, press '#' to cancel

All call:

Dial 99 on a master station, pause and than talk, press '#' to cancel.

The system has a central exchange unit, with plug in cards for Master stations and sub-stations. Ranging in size from 72 speakers to 184 callback substations.


Nurse Call Systems

Nurse Call Systems

Designed for particular needs Hospital, Old Age Homes and Frail Care Wards

TV Arial Installation

TV Aerial Installation

Installation of communal DSTV Channels and integrated FM signals for Hotels and Hospitals

Public Announcement System

PA Systems

For Staff location, Fire Evacuation and Back ground music

CCTV Surveillance

CCTV Surveillance

Security systems, Machine surveillance and Monitoring of frail care Patients

School Intercom

School Intercoms

Principal or Secretary to classroom calls, All calls, evacuation and Period break tones.